About Me

“Born in Reading, PA, USA.

I really enjoyed my time touring around the world. I got to be that guy standing on the stage in the photo above surrounded by 3000+ people with a standing ovation. So many people I meet would just be happy playing guitar well, and being able to perform a full production professional show seems to most an unachievable dream. For me, I never took it for granted, but I would have liked to have been able to live in that moment better than I did. I was always under pressure to perform as close to perfection as possible…and one bad note away from having a bad show (all in my mind of course).

Looking back, when I coined the phrase ‘music takes to new places, imaginary and real’, I never imagined it becoming as true as it had become. I traveled to all continents, and most countries. I sometimes referred to my years of touring as my permanent vacation, with all the perks one could ever dream of.

I picked up my first flamenco guitar not long after I began playing rock guitar. Rock guitar was easier, with the focus on tone of the amp and developing the muscle memory of the fingers, and of course learning a few tricks on the fret board. Flamenco guitar was definitely more of a challenge. Rotating UFO, Black Sabbath, and Led Zepplin albums for my Carlos Montoya “flamenco fury” albums is how my ear became trained in the style.

I enjoyed writing and recording music with Roger Fisher of Heart while surrounded by tigers and lions.

I sat at the top of the caulderon in the village of OIA (Santorini) watching the sun come up while playing my guitar on several occasions. I did the same thing in Positano, Italy my other favorite destination. If I could have my own personal groundhog day in one of those two places, I would love it.

Looking back over the tyranny and insanity from the all too obvious evil players of 2020, I have to be grateful for the years prior to this year.